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  • The AVENO's May Day holiday notice

    The AVENO's May Day holiday notice

    02 May, 2023

    Dear AVENO Customers, Hello! We would like to inform you about our upcoming May Day holiday. In honor of this statutory holiday, our offices will be closed from April 30, 2023 to May 3, 2023 to in observance of this national holiday. We will resume normal operations on May 4, 2023. During this period, we will be on duty, and we apologize if we cannot reply to you in time for any inconvenience this may cause. We kindly ask you to plan your orders and inquiries in advance accordingly to ensure there is no disruption to your business operations. Thank you for your understanding, and we wish you and your family a pleasant May Day holiday. Best regards, AVENO TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED Anything inquiry please contact us as below: AVENO technology co., ltd. Email: sales@avenotester.com AVENO Instruments, located in Quanzhou city of China, founded in Hongkong when 1998, main products including: Textile Testing Equipment, Footwear Testing Equipment, Children Products Testing Equiment.

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  • What is the color fastness to perspiration

    What is the color fastness to perspiration

    30 Oct, 2022

    The autumn wind is coming, and summer is slipping away. Summer is a season easy to sweat. After a good sweat, it can make us feel happy, but at the same time, many people are worried. After sweating, clothes are easy to fade. In fact, this is likely to be caused by the unqualified color fastness of your clothes to perspiration. Colour fastness to perspiration There are millions of effective sweat glands on human skin, and the forehead, armpits, chest, back and palms sweat more; therefore, clothes often worn in summer, such as shirts, T-shirts and other clothes, will fade seriously in these parts. As we all know, the composition of human sweat is complex, the main component of which is salt, which varies from person to person. Sweat is acidic and alkaline. The short-term contact of textiles with sweat may have little effect on its color fastness, but long-term contact with the skin and sweat will have a greater impact on some dyes. Clothing with unqualified dye fastness is easy to transfer dyes from textiles to human skin through sweat, etc. The molecules of dyes and heavy metal ions may be absorbed by the human body through the skin and endanger health. The color fastness to perspiration reflects the discoloration of the textile itself and the staining of the lining fabric under the combined action of pressure and temperature in different test solutions containing histidine. How to improve the color fastness to perspiration Improve the color fastness of the fabric to perspiration: 1. The most important way is to choose dyes reasonably, especially dyes with high fixation rate and good stability should be used. 2. Reasonably formulate and control the dyeing process, strengthen the fixing conditions, and form a covalent bond with high stability, so that the dye can be fully fixed. For example, when dyeing dyes with poor reactivity, a catalyst can be used, or an appropriate fixing agent can be used, or the color can be fixed at a relatively high temperature. AVENO Machine Recommend: Fabric Perspiration Tester AC08 Contact Us Now! Sales Dept Tel: +86 15280858852 Email: sales@avenotester.com Skype: sales@avenotester.com Web: www.avenotester.com

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  • How to test the mutual color fastness of textile splicing

    How to test the mutual color fastness of textile splicing

    17 Aug, 2022

    Clothes stained during washing or soaking? I believe that everyone is familiar with this situation, and many people should have encountered such embarrassing things. This is due to the mixed washing of dark and light-colored clothes, the fading of dark-colored clothes and dyeing on light-colored clothes, resulting in staining of light-colored clothes, or the mutual staining of dark and light colors on a piece of clothing after washing. In response to this phenomenon, there is a professional name in textiles: splicing and mutual dyeing. Test methods for testing the interdyeing of textiles by splicing, namely the washing method and the soaking method. The washing method The sample is placed in the specified washing solution, mechanically stirred according to the specified bath ratio, time and temperature, then washed and dried, and the staining of the light-colored sample is evaluated with a staining gray card or an instrument. The soaking method The sample is placed in the specified washing solution, and after treatment, it is placed between two flat plates with a specified pressure in the test device. After cleaning and drying, the staining of the light-colored sample is evaluated with Gray scale for color staining or an instrument. Sample preparation: 1. The sample is a ready-made garment. Cut a piece of dark and light-colored fabrics, 4×10cm, and sew them along the short side to form a combined sample. 2. Weigh the sample to the nearest 0.01g. 3. Add detergent according to the sample weight. The sampling and soap solution configuration of the two methods are the same, the only difference is the test equipment and operating procedures. Test Instruments The washing method: Wash Colour Fastness Tester The soaking method: Precision Drying Oven Operating procedure The washing method 1. Put the sample and test solution into the container 2. Put the container into the machine, set the temperature to 40 degrees, and test it for 30 minutes. 3. Take out the sample and rinse it with running water until it is clean. The soaking method 1. Put the sample and test solution into the container, press and move from time to time to completely soak the sample, take out the sample and place it on the Perspiration Tester, and apply a pressure of 5000g. 2. Put the loaded sample into the Precision Drying Oven, the temperature is 37 degrees, for 4 hours, take out the combined sample, and rinse it with running water until it is clean. The test temperature of the washing method is 3°C higher than that of the soaking method. In terms of test time, the washing method requires 30 minutes and the soaking method is 4H. After the test is completed, after rinsing the test, it is necessary to absorb excess water with filter paper and hang it to dry. The samples tested by the two methods are evaluated by Gray scale for color staining. From the test results, the stain level of the soaking method is much more serious than that of the washing method. Color Fastness Test Machines abo...

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  • Knowledge Sharing: Measures to Reduce Pilling

    Knowledge Sharing: Measures to Reduce Pilling

    31 Jul, 2022

    In the process of wearing and using fabrics, different degrees of pilling will occur. So how can we reduce the pilling of our fabrics? Spinning process During the spinning process, the fibers in the twisting triangle area undergo repeated internal and external transfer due to uneven force, causing the head end, tail end or middle part of most fibers to protrude from the yarn body, forming hairiness. In order to reduce the hairiness, the textile mill rationally mixes cotton, optimizes the process, adopts advanced textile technology according to its own conditions, and tries to control the occurrence of hairiness within the scope of its ability. Weaving process The organizational structure of knitted fabrics has a great influence on pilling, and the tight organization is less prone to pilling than the loose organization. Dyeing and finishing process Singeing: Singeing is a great way to reduce hairiness and reduce pilling. Adjustment of technical parameters: After the dyeing and finishing technology is determined, parameters such as bath ratio time can be adjusted appropriately, for example, the bath ratio can be appropriately increased or the technical curve can be improved to shorten the time. Use of auxiliaries: Anti-pilling agents can be added during the bleaching process. The softener is added during the dyeing process to reduce the mixed friction between the yarns and between the fabric and the dyeing machine, and at the same time, it can control the leakage of the fibers from the end of the yarn, thereby reducing the chance of pilling. Hairiness appressing method: The hairiness appressing method is to use mechanical and physical and chemical methods to make the hairiness tightly adhere to the surface of the fabric, so as to reduce feathers and reduce pilling. Specifically, the use of resin auxiliaries or chemical adhesives, through rolling, makes the hairiness lodged and fixed on the surface of the yarn. Through the above methods, the pilling can be improved to a certain extent. Reducing pilling is a systematic project, and it is recommended to take comprehensive measures in the production process of fiber production, spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing. AVENO related Abrasion and pilling tester: Please click: Abrasion and pilling tester Contact Us Now! Sales Dept Tel: +86 15280858852 Email: sales@avenotester.com Skype: sales@avenotester.com Web: www.avenotester.com

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  • Daily maintenance of laboratory equipment

    Daily maintenance of laboratory equipment

    13 May, 2022

    In order to the accuracy of experimental data and the normal operation of experimental instruments, the daily maintenance of laboratory instruments is of great significance. The laboratory should formulate a reasonable maintenance plan according to the use conditions of different instruments. A reasonable maintenance plan can improve the accuracy and functionality of laboratory testing equipment, reduce the failure rate, improve the use rate and prolong the service life of equipment. Laboratory equipment managers should be familiar with the working principle of each instrument and understand the functionality and working mode of each component of each instrument and equipment, so as to formulate maintenance contents for the functional components of the instrument. Generally, the common maintenance contents are as follows: 1. Check the appearance and operation of functional components 2. Cleaning 3. Add lubricating oil, antirust oil, etc 4. Replace consumables / accessories General principles for selecting maintenance intervals and times Equipment maintenance is aimed at all the instruments in the laboratory: 1. Determine the frequency of the cycle according to the working principle of the instrument and the frequency of use; 2. Appropriately relax or shorten the maintenance cycle according to the harsh environment of the equipment; 3. Cooperate with the equipment period inspection. Generally speaking, equipment maintenance should be arranged before each equipment period inspection to ensure that the equipment is in the best condition during the period inspection. The routine maintenance of general equipment can be controlled at about twice a year. Under special circumstances or special equipment, flexible maintenance shall be carried out according to the specific actual situation: 1. The equipment with periodic replacement of consumables shall flexibly grasp the cycle according to the specific replacement cycle; 2. For the equipment working in the unavoidable harsh environment, the maintenance times shall be appropriately increased according to the actual situation without affecting the test; 3. It is recommended to arrange a maintenance before the equipment is checked during the period; 4. For equipment with high frequency of use, the number of maintenance shall be appropriately increased. Routine maintenance of common laboratory testing instruments 1. ICI Pilling and Snagging Tester Regularly wipe the surface of the cork liner with a trace amount of methanol, clean the roller box before and after the test, check whether the cork liner falls off and whether there are sharp objects on the surface, and regularly clean the exposed parts of the rotating shaft and bearings to prevent fiber residues and yarn residues. On the bearing, the rotation of the roller box is stuck and the rotation speed is abnormal. After confirming that there is no residue on the rotating shaft and the bearing, add lubricating oil. More about AVENO AG05 ICI Pilling and Snagg...

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  • Yarn twist knowledge

    Yarn twist knowledge

    17 Jan, 2022

    Yarn: it is the general term of yarn and thread. And has a strong continuous strip, including single yarns and strands. Single yarn: Processed by the short fibers, making the short fibers or wires along the axial direction and twisted. Ply yarn: it is made of two or more single yarns combined and twisted. Its strength and wear resistance are better than that of single yarn. At the same time, ply yarn can also be combined and twisted in a certain way to obtain compound twisted ply yarn. What is twisting? If one end of the strip is held, the other end is rotated, and the yarn can be formed, which is called twisted. For short fibers, the twisted is the necessary means of making the fiber strip as a yarn. It is generally necessary to condense the fibers into a fibrous strip before twisting, and the outer fibers of the fibers are extruded into the inner layer. Thereby, the strip is obtained in the longitudinal direction of the fibers. For long silk yarns and strands, twisted can form a tight structure that is not easily damaged by lateral force, and twisting can also form a variant wire and a fancy line. How many of the twisted and twisted direction not only affect the hand feel and appearance of the fabric, but also affect the intrinsic quality of the fabric. After the strip is twisted, the outer fibers produce a tilted helical roll back, the fiber torsional deformation, the gauze is tightly bored, and the structural form and mechanical physical properties of the fiber collective are changed. (As shown below) When there is an encirclement angle, the fiber has centripetal pressure on the yarn. The greater the encirclement angle, the greater the centripetal pressure. Due to the existence of centripetal pressure, the outer fiber is extruded to the inner layer, which increases the compactness of the yarn and the friction between the fibers, thus changing the structural form and physical and mechanical properties of the yarn, which is the essence of twisting yarn. Evaluation of yarn twist: Twist direction / twist / twist coefficient / twist shrinkage Twist direction: indicates the direction of twisting Twist direction refers to the inclined direction of the fiber in the single yarn or the single yarn in the strand after the yarn is twisted. It is divided into Z-twist and S-twist. After twisting, the twisting direction of yarn tends from the lower right corner to the upper left corner, and the inclined direction is consistent with the middle of "s", which is called s twisting or smooth twisting; The twist direction of yarn tends from the lower left corner to the upper right corner, and the tilt direction is consistent with the middle of "Z", which is called Z twist or backhand twist. Generally, Z-twist is used for single yarn and S-twist is used for ply yarn. The twist direction of the ply yarn is expressed according to the twist direction successively twisted. For example, the twist direction of single yarn with Z twist, initial twist with S twist and com...

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  • Test method for Pilling Resistance of fabrics

    Test method for Pilling Resistance of fabrics

    07 Jan, 2022

    Rationally and objectively evaluate the resistance of the fabric to promote the development and production of textiles to actively promote the role. There are many test methods for Pilling Resistance of fabrics, mainly simulated during daily life and actual wear and washing process, due to continuous friction, Thus, the phenomenon of the surface of the fabric appears, and thus the test method is designed. different target markets have different tests. Methods, such as US standards, European standards, China Standards, and customer standards, usually select appropriate test methods based on export, product types or buyers. The commonly used methods include ICI Pilling Box method, Martindale Pilling method, Random Tumble method, Elastic gasket method, Circular Locus Pilling method.It should be noted that the pilling test is not only limited to the above test. and now there are many customer requirements to rating directly through the hairpin of the fabric after washing, and the customer chooses to use the post-washing sample. Various pilling test methods to assess the resistance of the fabric against the promoting pilling performance. ICI Pilling Box method The test principle is three pieces of square samples that are sized by a square specimen of sizes from the weft to the weft, each of which are sewn into a tubular shape, and the front faces are separately set on the polyurethane moisture tube. Within a cork box, the test chamber is flipped by the number of 3600 revolutions per hour, and the sample is taken out in the rating box and the fabric is compared to the fabric, and the first level is the worst. The 5th is best, when the result is between the two adjacent two levels, I evaluate half. Common test standards include ISO 12945-1, GB / T 4802.3, IWS TM 152. This method mainly simulates the fabric itself with its own uninterrupted friction, and the fans of the fabric and other pharmaceutically fangs. This test method can be applied to all types of fabrics, but the main domestic market or export to the European market is using this method to test the pilling performance. AVENO related products: AG05 ICI Pilling and Snagging Tester Martindale Pilling method The test principle is to take three pairs of circular samples from the fabric, which are loaded in the upper and lower clamping devices. Under the slight pressure, the sample itself rubs each other, and rubbed by the Lissajous, after a certain number of revolutions, Samples are compared with the original or standard samples of the rating box, and the the worst level 1, level 5 is the best, and when the results are interposed between two adjacent two levels, it can be evaluated as half level. This method is applicable to all types of fabrics, but it is more applied to woven fabrics. It mainly simulates the pilling condition after frequent friction between fabrics. AVENO related products: AG04 Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester Random Tumble method The experimental principle is to take ...

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  • Calibration procedure Of ROSS Flexing Tester

    Calibration procedure Of ROSS Flexing Tester

    17 Nov, 2021

    1. Calibration items: angle (90°), speed (60~100±5 times/min) 2. Correction equipment: angle gauge, electronic stopwatch 3. Calibration period: one year 4. Calibration steps: a) Angle correction method of Ross Flex Resistance Testing Machine: i. First adjust the machine in a horizontal state. ii. Turn the motor belt by hand or press the STOP and START keys to adjust the horizontal position of the movable end fixture, place the angle gauge on the movable fixture, and the angle gauge indication should be 0°. Continue to rotate the belt or press the STOP and START keys to move the maximum swing angle of the end fixture is 90° to observe whether it matches the value indicated by the angle gauge. b) Speed correction method of SATRA TM60 Ross Flex Tester: i. Start the POWER button on the control panel, reset the "PV" column to zero, and set the number of times in the "SV" column (the number of times that the correction speed is exceeded). ii. Press the START button to start the machine, and at the same time let the electronic stopwatch start timing. iii. When the electronic stopwatch reaches 1 minute to stop timing, press the STOP machine to stop at the same time, and observe whether the 1 minute time is consistent with the standard speed. More about ROSS Flexing Tester please click: https://www.avenotester.com/ross-flexing-tester-af23_p88.html Contact Us Now! Sales Dept Tel: +86 15280858852 Email: sales@avenotester.com Skype: sales@avenotester.com Web: www.avenotester.com

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  • Device installation of Fabric Appearance Assessment System

    Device installation of Fabric Appearance Assessment System

    04 Oct, 2021

    1. Install two uprights Locate the Fabric Appearance Meassure Board base and two uprights, and lock the screws on both sides of the base. 2. Install the lamp holder Locate the top frame with the lamp holder, and lock the screws on both sides. 3. Installation panel Locate the panel against the top of the Fabric Appearance Meassure Board, align the holes on both sides, and insert the screws. 4. Install the panel support rod Find two corresponding holes on the two uprights of the instrument frame, and install the sample support frame. More about Fabric Appearance Assessment System please click: https://www.avenotester.com/fabric-appearance-assessment-system-ag47_p261.html Contact Us Now! Sales Dept Tel: +86 15280858852 Email: sales@avenotester.com Skype: sales@avenotester.com Web: www.avenotester.com

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Happy Labor Day
Happy Labor DayApr 30, 2024

Happy Labor Day

Dear AVENO Customer: Hello! We are pleased to inform you about the upcoming holidays, marking a time of relaxation and celebration. May Day, also known as International Labor Day, is just around the corner and we wanted to take a moment to share some important information with you. In order to celebrate May Day, our company will be on holiday from May 1st to May 3rd, 2024, and will resume business on May 4th. During this period, we will be on duty and we will apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, we apologize if we fail to reply to you in time. Thank you for your understanding and wish you a happy May Day holiday. Kind tips: The May Day holiday is approaching. We recommend that you pay attention to off-peak green travel and pay attention to the safety of your personal and property. AVENO wish all our customers and friends a happy holiday. Best regards, AVENO TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED Anything inquiry please contact us as below: AVENO technology co., ltd. Email: sales@avenotester.com

Explore Bursting Strength Tester from a user perspective
Explore Bursting Strength Tester from a user perspectiveApr 11, 2024

Explore Bursting Strength Tester from a user perspective

In today's world of emphasis on material quality, having reliable testing equipment is crucial. Using Bursting Strength Tester can help quality control personnel such as manufacturers and designers evaluate material strength. Let’s discuss how to improve product quality through Fabric Bursting Strength Tester. Bursting Strength Tester AG10 Bursting Testing Machine for fabric is an instrument specially used to measure the burst resistance of materials. It is used to measure the expansion force and divergence rate of fabrics, woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics, paper and cardboard. By subjecting materials to increasing amounts of pressure, burst strength testers can determine their breaking point, providing valuable insights into their tensile strength and overall durability. Application fields: This machine is mainly used in the textile industry and packaging industry. 1. Textile industry: Corresponding quality researchers of textile manufacturers will use Bursting Strength Test Equipment to evaluate the strength and durability of fabrics to evaluate the quality situation. 2. Packaging industry: Fabric Bursting Strength Tester play an important role in evaluating the strength of packaging materials such as cardboard, paper, and laminates. By testing the maximum burst pressure of the materials, manufacturers can ensure that the packaging can withstand various handling and transportation conditions. This serves to protect the internal products. AG10B Bursting Strength Tester AN15 Carton Bursting Strength Tester User ease of use: The design of the Fabric Bursting Test Instrument takes user convenience into full consideration, which not only makes the operation more convenient for technicians, but also allows novices to get started more quickly. 1. Color touch screen control, the interface is simple and easy to understand, the operation is simple and intuitive, and the touch is sensitive. 2. The test cover is made of highly transparent organic glass with built-in LED lighting, so that the sample experiment process can be clearly observed; it is installed with magnets, making it easy to replace and disassemble. 3. The automatic induction blasting system is sensitive and reliable. The instrument has over-range and over-expansion protection functions. 4. A plexiglass cover is installed on the outside to prevent people from being pinched, making it safer to use. 5. Using high-speed AD sampling and 32-bit ARM processor, high sampling frequency and high test accuracy. 6. Fast and accurate results: Automated testing processes ensure fast results and eliminate manual errors. Precise measurements help accurately determine a material's bursting strength. Bursting Strength Tester provide friendly assistance to many manufacturers when screening materials and are good partners for enterprises in quality control. By investing in burst strength testers, companies can enhance their manufacturing processes, reduce costly product failures, and maintain m...

Happy Women's Day
Happy Women's DayMar 08, 2024

Happy Women's Day

It's Women's Day again, and AVENO wish you many blessings from fellow women. I wish you good luck in career and wealth, may you always be young, be happy, be happy, be happy, be healthy, and feel at ease. Happy Women's Day. On this day, AVENO Company would like to extend its most heartfelt wishes to all our female colleagues, customers, friends and outstanding women. Happy Women’s Day to fellow women! Today, we join the world in celebrating the achievements, contributions and resilience of women from all walks of life. At AVENO, we would like to thank the outstanding women among us who hold various positions and work hard to contribute to the organization. Our female employees not only have good professional knowledge and professional skills, but also add warmth and love to our working environment. We recognize the enormous value that women bring to our company and society as a whole. As a company, we remain committed to promoting gender equality and empowering women within our organization. We strive to provide equal opportunities, support career development, and create an inclusive environment where all employees, regardless of gender, can thrive and fully unleash their potential. Female compatriots, you have worked hard, and we wish you a happy Women’s Day! To all outstanding women in AVENO and other fields, I wish you a happy Women's Day. May you continue to inspire, lead, and create positive changes in your personal and professional efforts. Your strength, resilience, and unwavering spirit inspire all of us. Happy Women's Day! AVENO TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD

Happy new year 2024
Happy new year 2024Jan 01, 2024

Happy new year 2024

As we bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, AVENO would like to take this opportunity to extend our most sincere blessings to you. May the new year be filled with opportunities, joyful moments, and extraordinary achievements. As AVENO valued customer, your trust and support are the basis of our success. We appreciate your trust in us and we remain committed to providing you with excellent products/services and unwavering dedication. The New Year is a time for reflection and renewal, as well as an opportunity to set new goals and embark on exciting journeys. Let us go hand in hand and move towards prosperity together. We are excited to continue our partnership and build even greater achievements in the coming months. May the new year bring you unlimited inspiration, unlimited creativity, and unlimited possibilities. May your efforts flourish and may you find fulfillment every step of the way. Let us celebrate this joyous occasion and toast to the extraordinary success that awaits us. We once again extend our sincerest New Year wishes to you and your loved ones. Thank you for your continued trust and support. Here’s to a year filled with prosperity, happiness, and lasting success! Cheers to a wonderful year! Anything inquiry please contact us as below: AVENO technology co., ltd. Email: sales@avenotester.com

Warmest Greetings and Merry Christmas!
Warmest Greetings and Merry Christmas! Dec 25, 2023

Warmest Greetings and Merry Christmas!

As we celebrate the joyous occasion of Christmas, AVENO sincerely thanks our customers, friends and employees for their unwavering support and trust in AVENO over the past year. This holiday is a time to reflect, gratitude and spread love. Thank you so much for being our valued customers, friends and our employees for all your hard work on our company over the past year. Year after year, hopefully our partners' relationships with AVENO will grow stronger, so we can reach new heights and achieve extraordinary milestones. Sincerely thank you all for your trust in our services and products, making us better and better. We wish you and your family happiness and happiness on this special holiday, may your hearts be filled with warmth and love, and may the coming year be filled with opportunities, prosperity, and continued success. Once again, we sincerely thank you for choosing us as your partner of choice. Thank you for being a valuable part of our journey. AVENO wish you a blissful Christmas and a prosperous New Year! With warmest regards, AVENO TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED Anything inquiry please contact us as below: AVENO technology co., ltd. Email: sales@avenotester.com

Moisture absorption and quick drying test
Moisture absorption and quick drying testSep 22, 2023

Moisture absorption and quick drying test

Under the high temperature weather in summer, many regions have activated the "steaming and baking mode". In this extremely hot and rainy climate, various heat resistant products have been favored by consumers, and the moisture absorption and quick drying properties of textiles have attracted much attention. It is crucial to evaluate the moisture absorption and quick drying performance of summer functional textiles. These characteristics play an important role in ensuring comfort and performance under hot and humid conditions. Moisture absorption and quick drying performance refers to the characteristic of a fabric that can quickly absorb moisture and timely discharge it, thereby maintaining a dry and comfortable human body. Various methods can be used to test the moisture absorption and quick drying performance of textiles. Here are some commonly used techniques: 1. MMT (Moisture Measurement Tester): The MMT method involves placing fabric samples between a warm, moist container and a dry, cool container. Measure the moisture transport through the fabric by monitoring the changes in temperature and humidity over time. This test can provide information about moisture absorption and rapid drying properties. 2. Spray test: in this test, spray the specified amount of water onto the surface of the fabric sample. Record the time required for water absorption and fabric drying. The faster the drying time, the better the water management performance. 3. Drying time test: In this simple test, wet fabric samples are suspended in a controlled environment and the time required for complete drying of the fabric is recorded. Fabrics with fast drying properties will dry faster. 4. Absorption test: This test determines the speed and amount of liquid absorption by the fabric. Apply a known amount of liquid to the fabric sample and measure the absorption rate. Fabrics with high water absorption often absorb moisture more effectively. These tests can provide quantitative data on the moisture absorption and rapid drying properties of fabrics. It is convenient for us to use these results to evaluate and compare various fabric formulations and finishes, which can help develop high-performance textiles for summer and sportswear applications. Anything inquiry please contact us as below: AVENO technology co., ltd. Email: sales@avenotester.com

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